The FireCube on a deck
FireCube $899.99
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OU FireCube
OU FireCube $899.00
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FireTower on a beautiful patio
Propane FireTower $990.99
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Wood Burning FireTower
Wood Burning FireTower $650.00
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These are not your ordinary fire-pits and they are not made in China

Great care and attention to detail is given to each of our products. Development and custom fabrication is completed in-house where we take pride in ensuring that each FireTower is visually attractive, structurally sound and built to last.

The original FireTower was designed with the thought of family in mind. A place to gather with friends and loved ones as you share stories and enjoy one another’s company. That original design has grown into a collection of products each providing a unique experience by creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Discover which one best fits your needs in our online catalog.


Propane or Wood?

The FireTower is available in both wood-burning and propane fuel options. The propane FireTower is ideal for those with limited access to firewood, wooden decks and  those desiring ease of use. Lighting the FireTower takes two simple steps: Step 1 - turn on the propane; Step 2 -push the electric igniter. It’s that easy!  The surface of the propane model stays cooler than the wood-burning model which makes this a great option for high traffic areas as well as a safer alternative for environments with small children.

The wood-burning model is equipped with a small  access door for ease in igniting the wood. This model is perfect for rural areas or permanent campsite installation. In order to avoid corrosion from the highly acidic ash, the ash drawer has been replaced with a grate in the bottom of the FireTower. This  allows the ash to fall to the ground which greatly extends the life of the FireTower compared to mass marketed fire pits.


We Are on!!!!

February 21, 2014

It has taken some time but starting with our basic Firecube, Firetowerusa products are now available on

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Cool Patio and Deck ideas........and great places to add a FireCube

January 31, 2014

The one thing that all of these pictures are missing is a source of heat! We can't all live in Florida, so for the rest of the country a Firetower product is ideal. Both the Firetower and FireCube are cleaner, safer, and better looking alternatives to patio heaters or firepits. Thanks to modern technology and our manufacturing expertise we can also offer customer products to match the decor of your outdoor space.

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Firecube Video

January 26, 2014

  Check out our newest video!

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First Post

March 18, 2013

An OSU and an OU FireCube will be auctioned at the Pathways fundraiser Friday April 26, 2013.  Pathways Adult Learning Center, a ministry of Kirk of the Hills in Tulsa, is a work training and continuing education program for adults with intellectual disabilities that opened in June of 2009.   For more information on Pathways you can visit the Pathways website .

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