Tips on starting a fire...without killing yourself



Fall is here! It is time for bon fires, fire pits, and campfires. Now, in an effort to start a fire we have all (mostly us guys) used things to “hasten” the process. First and foremost is good ole 87 octane gasoline. Stop right there and put the gas can down. Gas makes for a great fireball and a quick start. However; it also produced extremely flammable vapors, which in cooler temperatures literally crawls along the ground. The result being that when it is ignited flames will be all around you, putting you and those around you at risk for severe burns.  Not the mention property damage. Even if this doesn’t happen it will ignite very quickly in a flash that could burn any exposed skin such as hands, face, eyes, and hair. All of this just to start a fire?

Building a safe fire does take more time and effort and it doesn't look as cool. But at least you’ll have you eyeballs. Start small with dry twigs and branches, building up from there.  Remember how Bear Grills does it? Once you have the smaller stuff going pile on the bigger logs and there you have it, a toasty warm fire with no bodily injury. And your girlfriend will be impressed.



February 21, 2014


We Are on!!!!

It has taken some time but starting with our basic Firecube, Firetowerusa products are now available on

Cool Patio and Deck ideas........and great places to add a FireCube

The one thing that all of these pictures are missing is a source of heat! We can't all live in Florida, so for the rest of the country a Firetower product is ideal. Both the Firetower and FireCube are cleaner, safer, and better looking alternatives to patio heaters or firepits. Thanks to modern technology and our manufacturing expertise we can also offer customer products to match the decor of your outdoor space.

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March 18, 2013


First Post

An OSU and an OU FireCube will be auctioned at the Pathways fundraiser Friday April 26, 2013.  Pathways Adult Learning Center, a ministry of Kirk of the Hills in Tulsa, is a work training and continuing education program for adults with intellectual disabilities that opened in June of 2009.


For more information on Pathways you can visit the Pathways website .