Propane FireCube

A great addition to any patio

  The FireCube is a portable, light-weight, clean, propane or natural gas-fueled replacement for a standard firepit. The aptly named “FireCube” gets its name from its dimensions (24 x 24 x 24 inches) and is fabricated from aluminum weighing only 40 lbs. As a result it can be easily moved around the patio , deck , or campsite . Did I mention that it is also great for camping ? - Instant camp fire!

Because the FireCube is manufactured from corrosive-resistant aluminum, there is no maintenance required - it will not rust, and there is no paint to chip and discolor over time. Another great feature of the aluminum construction is that the outer surfaces remain relatively cool when compared to similar products. This makes it much safer for children and pets, not to mention those of us of the adult persuasion who tend to not be as well coordinated as the rest of the world!

Picture this: You are out on your deck overlooking the ocean. The sun is slowly sinking over the horizon and there is a slight breeze coming off of the water. As the sun disappears from the sky the stars come out. There you are with the makings of a perfect evening except for one thing; it is getting a little bit chilly. So you reach over, turn the fuel on, press a little button, and instantly you have a beautiful fire, putting the finishing touch on a perfect evening. Had this happened with a traditional firepit, there would be wood gathering, hunting for a fire starter, a lighter, and the smoke to follow you around all night.


 Upgrading your landscaping? Let us build a custom FireTower product for your outdoor space.

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